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February 2024
02/01/2024 : Transfer of ownership between users
02/01/2024 : Transfer of ownership between users
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Transferring ownership of Klaxoon activities is no longer restricted to administrators! Users within the same team can now independently transfer activities to one another.

As your professional journey evolves, so does the management of Klaxoon activities! Are you transitioning to a new role or wrapping up a project? Feel free to hand over your activities to a team member whenever you need.

💡 Please note that two conditions must be met before an activity can be transferred:

  • the user must be part of your team or company console

  • the user must hold a PRO license

To transfer one of your activities, you have two options: from the list of participants, or by displaying the activity options (3-dot icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen).

1) Transfer an activity from the participant list

Start by opening the participant management window, then select the person to whom you wish to transfer ownership of your activity.

Click on the “3 dots” icon, then on “transfer ownership”.

2) Transfer an activity by showing activity options

Start by clicking on the activity options: the 3-dot icon at the top left of your screen. The menu appears, select “Transfer ownership”, then add the name or e-mail address of the new owner.

The next steps are similar to via the participant list!

3) Receive an activity

The user who receives your activity is notified by e-mail. The activity also appears at the top of their recent activities on their home page.

This feature has been available to all Klaxoon users since February 1st, 2024.

Would you like to find out more about the transfer of ownership of activities by administrators? Read the release note on the subject.

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