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05/11/2022 - Download a Board's participant list
05/11/2022 - Download a Board's participant list
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You can now obtain the list of participants in .xls or .csv format.

The list of participants can now be downloaded by the Board facilitators. This list contains the first names, surnames and e-mail addresses of the participants.

How do I do it?

Simply open the export menu, then click on the zip button.


A zipped file is generated and automatically downloaded.


You will find 2 files "participants", in .csv and .xls formats.


Recontact all workshop participants

This new Board feature allows you to set up follow-up actions at the end of your workshops. Invite the participants by email to a next event or send them the PDF report.

This feature has been effective since May 11, 2022, and is available to all Klaxoon users.

Do not hesitate to contact the support via HELP

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