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02/20/2024 : Klaxoon for interactive displays
02/20/2024 : Klaxoon for interactive displays
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Display a Klaxoon activity on a touch screen in just a few clicks! Don't waste any time logging in, you can collaborate just as easily in the office, remotely and in hybrid mode.

It's now possible to connect Klaxoon very quickly from an interactive screen! Simply enter a dedicated insert on your computer or smartphone, the code that appears on the screen. It's simple, efficient, and engaging for participants wherever they are. Whether in the office or in hybrid setting, you give everyone the right conditions to express themselves, and foster collective intelligence.

It's also an excellent way of harnessing the power of visual management: use your screens to come up with new ideas, make better decisions and develop your creativity. Teamwork in hybrid mode becomes more enjoyable and more effective. Whether you're leading a team ritual in your open space, launching a project from a shared space, training participants in a meeting room... you can collaborate efficiently from anywhere.

Updated on 18/03

No more tedious manipulations! Sharing a screen with an interactive display has evolved to give a smoother experience.

No need to exit and start pairing again. Now, when you want to display another activity, a message informs you that the current activity has been closed to make way for the new one.

How does it work ?

1) From your computer or smartphone

As a host or as a participant, you have two ways of displaying an activity:

  • In the activity, from the option.

  • From the activity article.

In either scenario, select the 3 dots icon, then click on “Display on screen”. This action prompts a window to open, enabling you to enter a code.

2) From the interactive screen

From the big screen, launch the dedicated Klaxoon application if installed, or go to A code appears on the screen, all you have to do is enter the code in your computer or smartphone. The code is updated every 60 seconds.

3) Start collaborating!

You can now interact with your participants: share ideas, start a live chat, answer a Survey, share a Mission… if you need to change activity, you can also go straight back to your homepage.

💡 Please note: A banner is displayed on your computer or smartphone to remind you that you are presenting on the screen.

On the screen, an icon allows you to stop the display. After 15 minutes without interaction, the display will automatically stop and your account will be disconnected.

Which screens are compatible?

  • Surface Hub

  • Google Jamboard

  • Orny screen with attached computer

What are the other hardware requirements?

  • Internet connection

  • Windows 10 or later

  • CPU: recommended core i5 with at least 8Gb

  • Speakers, Microphone, Camera
    (Recommended: conference room grade devices).

How do I install the application on one or more interactive screens?

  • You can access the Klaxoon application directly from the Microsoft Store on your interactive screen.

  • For full details of how to install the application, see our dedicated article.

This feature has been available since February 20, 2024 for pro Klaxoon users.

Do you have a question ? Don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or the Support team via chat.

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