What is a Board?
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Board is an all-in-one tool, simple and easy to access, that enables visual collaboration for participative and inclusive work in a single place. It integrates Live, a videoconferencing tool.

This white page of infinite size is a concentration of all Klaxoon's experience, offering a new visual standard for efficient, hybrid teamwork, whether in the office, at home or on the move.

In concrete terms, you can share any type of content and organize it visually: text, web links, images, drawings, sketches, Excel files... Personalize all your ideas as you wish, thanks to the simple toolbar: shapes, colors, lines, patterns, icons.

Involve your entire team in the development of your new project, thanks to Board's infinite creative possibilities.

To speed things up, Board includes a library of ready-to-use templates. These are working methods derived from user community practices and agile methods, didactic and customizable.

💡 Gain time and efficiency during your meetings thanks to our Templates integrated into Board.

Whether for team synchronization meetings, ideation sessions or project management, there are endless possibilities for getting from idea to to action.

Find out how to create your Board and get started on Klaxoon!

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