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Sharing a stand-alone activity (out of Session)
Sharing a stand-alone activity (out of Session)
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Once you have created your activity, click on Launch to share it.

The broadcast mode selection popup is displayed:


Select your broadcast mode:

With an access code: you provide participants with an access code and they enter either:

  • their email address (which may or may not be linked to a Klaxoon account) – they can find the activity later using their Klaxoon Home (e.g. to access a Session report).

  • a pseudonym – if they disconnect, they will lose the data they create during the activity.

On a Network: select a target Network – all members of this interactive area will be entitled to access your activity.

Can the broadcast mode be changed?
Once launched, it is not possible to change the broadcast mode of an activity (e.g. by moving an activity to a Network or removing it from one).

The dashboard is displayed and participants can access the activity.

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