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October 2023
10/11/2023: Team console: better visibility of your team's activity
10/11/2023: Team console: better visibility of your team's activity
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2 new graphs to better manage your team's usage

The dashboards in your Klaxoon license administration account are evolving to :
- track your deployments more accurately
- get more details about your Audience

Access the new "Deployment" graph at any time

It allows you to see the evolution of the number of licenses deployed over a 6-month period.

By activating the Flexible option of your Enterprise subscription, you can also view all additional licenses deployed beyond your initial subscription over the flexible period.

Effectively measure the audience reached by your team

A team's Audience represents the number of unique monthly participants in the team's activities, excluding your team's PRO users from the calculation.

This allows you to anticipate the adjustment of your subscription to best suit your use of Klaxoon.

This feature has been available to all Klaxoon administrators since October 11, 2023.

For detailed rates by subscription type, visit our website: Pricing

And to find out more about the Klaxoon license administration console, read this article: Manage my team (Administration console)

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