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January 2024
01/10/2024: Improved display preferences in Board
01/10/2024: Improved display preferences in Board
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Board display settings is having a makeover! From now on, you can customize the display of your Boards according to your preferences

The display option, located at the bottom right corner of your screen, has only 4 options from now on. The color of the toggle buttons also changes from green to blue, to make them more legible and accessible.

Each Board can be individually configured. This means for example, that the grid can be displayed on one board and hidden on another. This applies to all options: zone outline, mini-board, grid and alignment.

Default preference values can be set when a Board is accessed for the first time.

A new modal has also been added, "Set my default preferences".

By clicking on this modal, your account settings will appear. From there, you can customize your display options, enabling all your Boards to have the same options.

Thanks to these enhancements, you can adapt the display settings to your needs, making the Board more intuitive and accessible for everyone.

This feature has been available to all Klaxoon users since 01/10/2024.

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