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How does a Jamboard appear in Klaxoon?
How does a Jamboard appear in Klaxoon?
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When you import Jamboard files into Klaxoon, the objects in these Jamboards will retain their original appearance.

Although both share similar tools, Jamboard objects will undergo a change of style and formatting once edited in Klaxoon.

Tools table

See below for a table of Google Jamboard and Klaxoon Board features:

Before/after rendering

Here's what the objects between Jamboard imported into Klaxoon will look like:

example of a Jamboard

example of the same Jamboard imported into Klaxoon

Difference between Jamboard and Klaxoon

All Jamboard objects are migrated, with the exception of the following:

  • transparency management on objects (brush, shape, idea)

  • eraser management

  • idea rotation management

  • grid backgrounds

  • GIF management

If you'd like to know how to import a Jamboard, see this article: How do I import a Jamboard?

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