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How do I import a Jamboard?
How do I import a Jamboard?
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If you have one or more Jamboards that you'd like to import into Klaxoon, this article will answer all your questions!

Find Jamboard in Board to continue using it

1 - Connect to Klaxoon

⚠ Importing activities is currently only available in PRO (and therefore so is importing Jamboard).

2 - Access your activities

From the "Activities" tab (on the left-hand navigation bar)

3 - Access to import

Click on the Import/Export icon in the top right-hand corner, then select "import".

Finally, below the "Browse" button, select "Import a file from Jamboard".

4 - Account selection

Log in to your account to access the Jamboard application

5 - Jamboard project selection

The list of Jamboard projects for which you are the creator or guest appears.

Select the project(s) and confirm your selection.

6 - Import successful

A message informs you that your Jamboard(s) have been successfully imported.

7 - Your Google Jamboard becomes a Klaxoon Board

The imported Jamboard becomes a Board accessible from the "Activities" tab, with the title unchanged.

If your Jamboard contains different pages, these will also be accessible from the "Zones" view.

⚠ Jamboard objects are migrated with the exception of certain elements. To visualize these differences, consult this article: How does a Jamboard appear in Klaxoon?

Note that an "In preparation" tick appears, which means that your activity has not yet been shared.

If you'd like to know how to share an activity, see this article: Checklist to share a board easily

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