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January 2023
01/26/2023 : New features to create simple to complex diagrams effortlessly in Board
01/26/2023 : New features to create simple to complex diagrams effortlessly in Board
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Board now has everything you need for super powerful diagrams: dozens of new shapes, all customizable by color or style, new text options for shapes and connectors and so on.

Adding new customizable shapes

You now have 48 shapes available via the toolbar list! 42 new shapes have been added to the 6 existing shapes in Board. Among them, basic shapes: hexagon, diamond, star, arrows, bubbles... But also shapes dedicated to the realization of diagrams: junction, termination, predefined process, manual entry...

How to access them?

Start by opening the list of shapes in the Board toolbar.


By clicking, a new dedicated window opens. It can be moved anywhere on the Board. To find out the name of the shape, hover over the window with your mouse.


Simply click the shape you want to use and it will drop the shape into the middle of your screen. You can also drag and drop the shape wherever you want from the window.

Customizing shapes

It is possible to write directly in the shape by clicking on "Aa", and to personalize the text according to your desires. These new shapes can also be modified with the Pen tool. You can also change the shape at any time, by clicking on it and then on "change shape". The associated parameters (color, type and size of line, text of the shape, etc) are preserved.


New options for connecting shapes and ideas

Connectors have a lot of new features to make diagramming easier!

A third type of connectorr

It allows you to connect two objects at right angles, for more precise designs. You can adjust the path of the connector by clicking on it and then on the blue dots that appear. Double-clicking on these dots returns the connector to its original position.


New connector and rotation handles

Handles appear on objects when you click on them. This allows you to easily connect objects together without having to go through the toolbar.


The rotation handle has also been moved to the bottom right of the object, instead of the top, for ease of use. Double-clicking on it returns the object to its initial position (without rotation). It is also possible to resize an object by the corners. One tip: press the Shift key to keep the object's size uniform.


Add text to connectors and arrows

There are two ways to do this:

  • click on the connector, then on the "Aa" button in the menu that appears.

  • or directly double-click on the connector.

Customize the text as you wish: size, font type, bold, color etc...

A new button also allows you to align the text according to the orientation of the line or to keep it horizontal.


A new connector tip: the "full arrow"

You now have a new connector tip, with a style more adapted to the design of diagrams.


Object Alignment Help


When you move or change the size of an object, dotted lines appear to help you align with other objects on the board. It is also easier to space objects evenly, as lines appear that represent the ideal distance between objects.

How do I enable or disable it?

Click on the display options at the bottom right of your Board and check or uncheck "Align to objects".


These features are available to all Klaxoon users as of January 26, 2023.

Do you have any questions about the tools dedicated to the creation of diagrams in Board?

Do not hesitate to contact the support via HELP

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