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January 2023
01/26/2023: With the new Board icon library, get access to thousands of items
01/26/2023: With the new Board icon library, get access to thousands of items
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Explore Board's new icon library and use the visuals to illustrate your ideas in seconds.

Icons help improve the readability of information while adding a touch of personalization.
Save time and energy by using Board's pre-designed and proven icons, and keep your projects visually consistent!

How does it work?
From the Board, click on "insert" in the toolbar and then "icons".


When clicked, an "Icon library" window will open. Simply type the name of the icon you want to use and drop it onto your Board in one click ! Drag and drop the icon to change it's position.

Open the "All styles" drop-down menu to access the different styles available and choose your favorite.


You can also add text under your icon, and under all types of Board images. The usual text editing possibilities are available.

The text is associated with the image: when the object is resized or rotated, the text is also modified.


Finally, at any time change the color of the icons placed on the Board or return to its original colors.


This feature is available since January 26, 2023 for all Klaxoon users.

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