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Generating a session report
Generating a session report
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During a session, the moderator can generate a report. Directly available to participants in the Session Flow, the report presents the results of exchanges and activities.

To generate a report

1 - In the top left corner of the facilitator's screen, click on the 3 dots then the flag and CLOSE THE SESSION AND PUBLISH THE REPORT.

Any open activities are closed.

After rating the Session (score out of 5 stars and comment), participants can view the Session Board including all the messages, activities, and presentations used during the Session.

Note that it is perfectly possible to generate a session report without first closing the session, but the report will not include the participant evaluations and comments entered by the moderator at the end of the activity.

2 - To the left of the facilitator's screen, click on report

The closing screen is displayed, showing the average score awarded to the Session by participants as well as their comments:

3 - Click on OPEN REPORT
The report popup is displayed:

The report

1 - Participants' report tab
Click on a participant's name to display his/her information and write a comment, which is sent solely to him/her as a message on the Session Board.

2 - Group report tab
Write your Session report, which is sent to all participants on the Session Board.

3 - Export tab
In this tab, you can download any information on your session that you wish to keep.
Select the data you wish to export and then click on 'download' to generate a .zip file containing:
• A full report in PDF format.
• All Session data in PNG (image) and CSV (Excel spreadsheet) format.

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