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May 2023
05/03/2023 : Standardization of shape, icon and pattern library modals
05/03/2023 : Standardization of shape, icon and pattern library modals
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The Board interface is standardized to improve the user experience on the shape, icon and pattern libraries.

Shape, icon and pattern libraries are evolving on Board for greater consistency and accessibility. Proportions, sizes, opening animations and positions on first opening have been standardized to provide better usability for all users.

It is now possible to detach libraries from the toolbar, but also to dock them again to make it easier to navigate and add items to the Board. This feature works by displaying the library area in dotted lines.

Selecting and dropping objects from its library is also improved and made accessible to all. The icons now appear directly in the middle of your screen.

Finally, the size of the modules has been reduced, especially in the mobile version for a smoother navigation.

These features are available since 05/03/2023 for all Klaxoon users.

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