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October 2023
10/09/2023: Improvement of Question
10/09/2023: Improvement of Question
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The Questions tab is evolving to improve the overall user experience and ease of navigation.

Several updates have been made to improve the tool's performance:

1. Filtering

The tool's filter bar has been updated to now allow the filtering of questions by:
- not read
- not answered
- not closed

2. "Ask" button

The Ask button has become a "+" sign icon to make the platform more harmonious.

3. Menu display

The Questions menu has been redesigned to make the tool easier to understand, with a screen explaining all the question types.

The avatar of participants in a question is made more visible to give a better view of who has answered, read or not read a question, even with several recipients.

Finally, messages will tell you where your questions appear once they have been sent, and also when a question has been asked about an idea that has subsequently been deleted.

This feature has been available to all Klaxoon users since October 9, 2023.

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