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November 2023
11/30/2023: Organize and share content easily with Networks folders
11/30/2023: Organize and share content easily with Networks folders
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With the new "Folder" feature, you can now create your own classification system, making it easier for members to access the activities it contains.

As a Network administrator or co-administrator, you may group items into folders organized according to the theme of your choice.

Do you run training courses? Create a file for each training session. Are you managing a team? Organize Network content in folders dedicated to the different areas of your team. Managing projects? Classify your projects by date or by contact person... The possibilities are endless!

Manage efficiently large volumes of activities and provide a visual organisation of your Network to your users. Your content will be easier to read and to consult, you'll be able to collaborate more effectively.

1) How do I create a folder?

Simply click on the "New folder" button in the top left-hand corner of the Network, then name it as shown in the image below.

Whether you show the list or the grid view, the principle is the same!

Once created by an administrator or co-administrator, the folder is visible and open to all Network members. They can access the activities in the folder and organize the activities they have created themselves.

You can then create one level of subfolders, again via the "new folder" button. Ten folders can be created per level.

💡 Please note: Folder creation and management (renaming, deleting, moving activities for which you are not the author) is only accessible to Networks administrators or co-administrators with a PRO license.

2) How do I modify a folder?

Once a folder has been created, it is possible to modify its name anytime you wish. This can be done in 2 ways:

  • Via the thumbnail: display the options by clicking on the three-dot icon, then click on "rename".

  • Via breadcrumb trail: click on the last item, the context menu will open, choose "rename".

3) How do I move activities within a folder?

There are two different ways of moving activities you've created within a folder into the Network.

  • Show options: in list view, click on the three-dot icon, then "Move to". A window appears, allowing you to choose the destination folder.

  • Drag & drop: in both list and grid views, click and hold on your activity and drag it around the screen. A window opens with a list of your folders. Position your activity in front of the folder of your choice, then release!

You can also drag and drop an activity into a subfolder or to the root of the Network, following the same steps.

Finally, to move multiple activities, select your activities while holding down the CTRL or Shift key, then repeat the previous steps.

4 ) How do I delete a folder?

Once again, you can perform the action from the options or from the last item in the breadcrumb trail.
In both cases, the contextual menu opens, click on "delete".

A confirmation message will pop, allowing you to cancel the deletion if necessary.

If any activities were present in this folder, they will automatically be moved to another folder or to the root of your Network.

This feature has been available to all users since November 30, 2023.

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