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I try to download my Activity results but I get a KLX file. What should I do?
What is the difference between the Quiz and the Survey?
I can't modify my Activity
How to duplicate an Activity ?
How do I create a fill-in-the-blank quiz question?
How do I change the order in which Activities are launched in a Session?
I would like to have a preview of my activity before launching it. How can I do it?
What is a Mission?
What is a Memo?
What is an Article?
What is a Survey?
What is an Adventure?
What is a Live Question?
What is a Live Vote?
What is a Live Challenge?
I am creating a Session and want to go back to Home. I can't see any way of saving my work. Is it possible I will lose my data?
What types of media can be inserted into a Capsule?
Reuse an already created or facilitated ​activity
What types of activities can be incorporated into a Session?
What is the maximum number of activities I can create in a Meeting?
Can the same activity be included several times in a Session?
What is the difference between 'Activities' and 'Live Questions'?
Can several presentations be incorporated into a Session?
(Presentation) What is the 'Resources links' section for?
(Presentation) Is there a character limit for a page?
(Presentation) What type of files can be imported?
Can the page order of a presentation be changed?
(Board) What types of images can be used as a background?
(Board) What is a category?
(Board) What is a dimension?
(Quiz) What is the purpose of modes?
Is it possible to view individual results in a Quiz?
Can past questions be reused in a new Quiz?
Can the theme of an Adventure be customized?
Can an Adventure be restarted?
Can a Mission be played in a Session?
Can I play a Mission several times?
In a Live Challenge, can a participant give several answers?
Who can like ideas?
Can a participant like an idea several times?
What does the import feature do?
What types of files can be imported?
(Live Storm) Can ideas sent in the cloud be moderated?
(Live Storm) I cannot find all the participants' ideas in the word cloud.
How do I share a Storm question?
In a Live Challenge, do I have to make sure I use the right accented characters and capitals in my answer?
What are the differences between Adventure and Mission?
Who is the winner of an Adventure? How is the leaderboard generated?
Can a Quiz question be reused in a new Quiz?
What actions can be added to a presentation page?
Is it possible to preview a page I have created?
How do I add a video to a presentation?
How long can I keep a Session open?
Do a trial run before facilitating an activity
Is it possible to create activities on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, computer)?
How can I tell if an activity has been launched?
Can activities that have already been launched and/or closed be reused?
How do I delete an activity?
How do I transfer one of my activities?
What is transferred?
Who can transfer ownership of a business?
Who can I transfer my activities to?
How do I configure a default Network?
What are the different views of a Board?
(Board) How do I change my Board view?
How do I import a Jamboard?
How does a Jamboard appear in Klaxoon?
Where can I find my activities?
How do I transfer all my activities?
How do I print a Board?
How to reset an activity?
How do you add activities to your Board?
How do you add colour to an idea?
How can I add an activity to my favourites?
How can I organise my Favourites?
How can we improve Boards' performance?
How are statistics calculated?
How do I transfer ownership of a Template?

How to download an image from Board?
How to use the editing features of the toolbar?
What is a Klax ?
My Board is grayed out
How many participants am I able to invite on my Activity?
How many participants can I invite to a video conferencing wtih Live?
Where can I find the snapshots taken on a Board?
What do the buttons above the Board in a Session do?
Can I send messages as a facilitator?
How do I enlarge a message on the Board for a Session ?
Can the messaging feature be disabled?
How do I launch a presentation?
How do I launch activities directly from my presentation?
What happens when I click on 'Share this page with participants'?
What happens when I click on 'Open table of contents'?
How do I go back to the last slide projected and not to the start of my presentation?
I have created a page with a photo and text. How do I display the text when I launch my presentation?
How do participants access the Session report?
Can I customize the report for my participants?
The difference between Session data and report
What language is the report published in?
How do I retrieve all the data from my Session?
What is the format of data in the Meeting data?
How do I get participants to vote in a Board?
What is the character limit for an idea?
Is it possible to reopen a Board?
What is the difference between a Group report and Participants' report?
Does the Session data contain all the data from the Session?
How do I access the Session data?
What happens when I click on 'Synchronize this presentation'?
Participants cannot see the videos I have included in my presentation. What should I do?
How do I switch from a presentation to the Session Board?
What types of messages can participants send on the Meeting Board?
Can messages sent to the Session Board be moderated?
What do individual participants see on the Meeting home page?
How do I add a co-host on Board and Session?
How to activate the Keyboard shortcuts?
Board toolbar
How do I show or hide the grid on a Board?
How to use the Inbox ?
How do you determine the number of points per question in a Mission or Adventure?
How do I delete an animated activity in a Session?
How do I create a category on my Board?
How do you build a Session containing Boards?
How do I create a dimension on my Board?
How do I insert a link from a Board?
How do I configure link opening without leaving Klaxoon?
How to insert an Iframe code into your Board?