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January 2023
01/06/2023 - New version of the JIRA & Klaxoon integration
01/06/2023 - New version of the JIRA & Klaxoon integration
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The JIRA / Klaxoon integration goes even further. New features are available directly in your Board.

Among this new features you will find:

  • A simple and direct visualization of elements from a JIRA ticket, displayed on your Klaxoon Board (Priority, Status, Creator, ...)

  • Importing JIRA tickets is easy, utilizing JQL search / filters.

  • Import multiple JIRA tickets from different projects onto the same Board.

  • Quickly convert a Klaxoon idea into a desired JIRA ticket, or add tickets into a project easily.

  • A simplified ticket import process, including the ability to automate JIRA updates at your desired schedule.


Take full advantage of these features by configuring JIRA into Klaxoon.

Find the complete procedure here.

Once your organization has synchronized Klaxoon with JIRA, go to a Board you created.

Click on the Insert button, available at the bottom left of the toolbar of your Board.

Then, click on the JIRA!

It's your turn to play!

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