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September 2022
09/05/2022 - View your Jira tickets on Klaxoon
09/05/2022 - View your Jira tickets on Klaxoon
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You can now access all the information about your Jira tickets from Klaxoon.


When you import Jira tickets on Klaxoon, they are displayed as ideas. Now, when you click on them, you have access to the Jira information about the ticket associated with the idea, while keeping the Klaxoon interactions easily available (Question, Like...).

What does this mean in concrete terms?

On the left side of the image, an idea is displayed:

  • You can continue to interact with the idea by attaching a Question or assigning it a like.

On the right side, a preview of the Jira ticket directly on your Board with :

  • the project key and ticket id

  • the type of the ticket and its associated icon

Followed by:

  • the ticket summary

  • the description of the ticket

The status and priority of the ticket:

  • the status of the ticket (using the Jira color code: gray - initial status / blue - current status / green - final status)

  • the priority of the ticket and its associated icon

  • the labels or tags

More information about the ticket:

  • the creator, responsible and assigned (with the avatar defined in Jira)

  • the date of creation, modification, expiration and resolution

As well as the possibility to open Jira to visualize the ticket on the application.

Everything in one place!

Find all the necessary information in one place to manage projects seamlessly. No need to go back into Jira to look for details, everything is available on the Board.

This feature has been effective since September 5, 2022, and is available to all users for which Jira is available on Klaxoon.

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