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How to use the Inbox ?
How to use the Inbox ?
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1 - Send an idea to Inbox

Select your idea, then click on the 3 dots. A menu will appear, choose "Send to Inbox".

Or select the idea and drag it to send it to the inbox

2 - View Inbox

To view the ideas contained in the inbox, click on the little arrow (circled in red below) or directly on the ideas.

An icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen showing the number of ideas you've sent to the inbox.ill appear.

3 - Inbox on a controlled Board

The host can also block access to the Board from the settings.

This configuration limits Board viewing to participants, only the view of an idea will be available. It is always possible to configure ideas by color, size or category, dimensions or categories.

Participants can send an idea that only the moderator can see.

Once the idea has been sent, the moderator will receive it in his or her inbox, in list format as described above, and can organize it as he or she sees fit.

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